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Landers Superstore — July 31, 2016

Landers Superstore

Landers Superstore

Three words that turns a momma on: Membership grocery shopping

There was Macro then SnR then now Landers Superstore!

Located at: EDSA Balintawak Quezon City right after Home Depot. 

Membership Fee: 900 ++ for a primary membership with 1 suplementary card and 600++ just for a primary membership

Interesting finds:

Nutella Tub

Wine Ice Cream

Other than that tho, almost the same as the other membership grocery shopping stores that you all had the chance of going to.  What surprised me was their food.

Their pizzas are by far the best for me specially when it comes to variety. Pizza in WHEAT anyone? Yes you read it right. In wheat! Because we totally need that extra fiber for that kind of super oily food right? 

Wheat Pizza anyone? 
My son specially loved the crispylicious juciylicious chicken … Woopse wrong chicken. But it tasted like that but a wee bit jucier and tastier.

Landers Central Hot Meal Chicken 
They also have turkey sausages which was a hit for my dad.

Landers Superstore is like one of those membership grocery store where you will want to be a member because this will be constantly a staple date place for those whose been into the relationship for quite a while now and for the whole family. 

My goodness! Funny that categorized this grocery store as a “date” place. Why?  For one, back in the days my boyfriend and I would go to SnR and just hang out there for the pizza and clam chowder. Landers Super store definitely has that vibe too.  Good food, somewhat great grocery selection and the for the gentlemen… There’s actually a barber shop inside the superstore! Talas Manileño Barbershop. 

So the dads titos and kuyas can have the pamper time that they too deserve. 

Update 8/26/2016

Landers Superstore will soon open in B. Paz Guanzon St. Paco Manila 

Hopefully they also open a branch in the south too. 🙂 

Update 10/23/2016

We went to Landers 2nd branch in Paco Manila. Bigger place with bigger parkkng lot. 

And I fonally got to try the Wine Ice Cream by Mercer’s in strawberry sparking which was so delish! 

#LittleManMiguel — July 24, 2016


Every mother’s source of inspiration is their little one. For me, it’s my son Miguel. This is where I would write everything and anything that concerns to being a first time mom and the many adventures we will take for as long as the good Lord would permit us to take it. 

Welcome and I hope you would enjoy reading as much as I enjoy writing on this blog! 

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