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PNR Ride going home Rush hour 10/13/2016 — October 14, 2016

PNR Ride going home Rush hour 10/13/2016

Had an opportunity to ride the PNR going home to Sucat at a rush hour for the first time. Don’t get me wrong, I already rode the PNR years ago and it was such an easy ride because I rode it from the Tutuban station going to Sucat on a weekend in the afternoon when I went to Tutuban after a Milo Marathon in Rizal Park area. 

So today, I was on field and visited our clients situated in the Tondo area. And to my surprise, the Abad Santos area  that I once thought was part of Blumentrit Manila was already part of Tondo. So after my curtesy visit, I wanted to try a route other than the Roxas Boulevard route going to Sucat. So I tried the PNR way. 

I rode the 6:11pm train and the ride from Blumentrit to Sucat only costs 20.00 php.

The train filled up by the time we arrived at Vito Cruz station. By the time we got to the Buendia area, the train (I think) had already reached its capacity. When we got to Pasay Road I was pretty sure the train was going to be derailed. I feared for the safety of those who were standing up. 
By the time we got to Bicutan the train almost had no passengers.

Bottleneck stations: Buendia to Bicutan

Maybe PNR could have an express train / skip train deployed to the bottle neck stations and charge a bit more in order to compesate for the loss of passengers from Tutuban to Vito Cruz station. An additional 10-20 pesos might hurt the budget of the most meager earner but I think the additional payment for safety and comfort is worth it. 

I just hope the PnR has enough trains to think about the “Skip Train” to accomodate more passengers and generate more income.

I took the 6:11 pm train from Blumentrit Station and a little past the 1 hour mark I reached Sucat. Which is way better than when I take the Roxas Boulevard route going home that usually takes about 2-3 hours due to traffic that builds up in Roxas Boulevard to Tambo and NAIA Road.

The only problem is, it confused the hell out of me which station I already was. So I had to download a picture via net to keep track of the stations.

The experince was really humbling and just eye opening as I have seen and experienced first hand what the hardcore commuters experience every single day. 

If PNR would be able to fix the bottle neck stations and deploy “skip trains” I could take this route going home everyday as it is very convinient. 
Things to improve upon:

1. Announcement of Stations. 

Because I stayed that the womens coach, near the engine room, I wasn’t sure if there was any announcement as to where the train was. 

2. Lights

Please place more lights at the stations.

3. Deploy Skip Trains

To address the bottle neck stations (Vito Cruz to Bicutan)