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Apps for your little ones — November 3, 2016

Apps for your little ones

I know… I know… no ipad / tablets below 3 years old. But what can I do? I know it is not an excuse but working momma here 🙋🏻  and it’s just one of those things I could use inorder to get things done like going to the bathroom alone for instance.

Yes I’m guilty of exposing my toddler too early in using ipad / tablets since he turned 1 last year. So what’s my point? In my case, it’s  inevitable so might as well have my son play the educational apps right? 

Just here me out… PROPER app, supervision and aloted time in using the ipad / tablet IS key. But if you have all the time in the world or you just simply do not allow and want your kid exposed to gadgets use at such a young age, please share with me what you do so I could learn a thing or two. But for now, yes, I allow use of ipads / tablets and this article is about what apps I let my 2 year old toddler use.

Endless Reader , Endless Numbers, Endless Alphabet, Endless Wordplay and Endless Learning Academy all by Originator Inc. The apps were rated for ages 4+ and made for Ages 5 and under.

There’s a trial version of each app and a bundle package price of $ 59.99 for the school edition and single purchase per app ranges from $8.99 (Alphabet) to &14.99 (for more information please check the app description in the Apple Store 

I let my son use the Endless Reader and Numbers as I have assessed that he can fully understand these apps and it is much appropriate for his age. As for the Endless Wordplay, its for kids 5 and below who are learning to spell.

My son, before turning two, knew how to count from 1-10 and I think it is a collective joint effort between everyone around him plus exposure with these educational apps as well. 

So what do you let your kids use?